How It Works

Can I Participate?

If you live or go to school in Kingston or Frontenac County and are between the ages of 13 to 17, you can register for this program. If you have a KFPL library card but live elsewhere, you may also register—just make sure that you include your library card number during the registration process.

Need a KFPL library card to borrow amazing books, videos games and more? Visit your local branch or register online.

How Do I Complete Challenges?

Log in every week during the Teen SRC to participate in challenges. You will earn one ballot for telling us what you read and another ballot for completing the challenge.

Some readers may read a longer book over the course of two weeks. That’s okay! When you post what you’re reading, let us know how far you are (e.g. chapters 1 to 15).

Once a challenge has been released, you can respond through this website! Keep in mind that your responses can be viewed by other Teen SRC participants.

For some challenges, you may be asked to write a short response, post a photo, and/or provide a link to content.

Our website’s commenting feature allows you to browse through and comment on other people’s responses. Be kind and remember our Code of Conduct; we are all here to have fun and enjoy a safe virtual space.

How Do I Win Prizes?

To earn ballots towards the weekly prize, you must submit your responses within that week. For example, for your response to count towards the Week 1 prize (June 18 to June 24), you will need to submit it by Friday, June 24 at midnight.

At the end of the program, we will tally all ballots earned through the challenges and any additional ballots from the BINGO card for the Grand Prize Draw.

What Happens If I Win?

KFPL staff will complete weekly draws and will contact the winner directly. If you are willing, we would love to see you using your prize via social media. Tag us @kfplteen on Instagram!

If you miss a challenge, you can go back and complete it before August 12. You won’t be entered to win the weekly prize, but you will earn ballots towards the Grand Prize Draw.

The Grand Prize Draw will take place on August 15.

All winners must live or go to school in Kingston or Frontenac County, or have a KFPL library card.