We are releasing a BINGO card with extra challenges! For those who would like to win an additional three ballots for the Grand Prize Draw at the end of the program, complete a line on the BINGO card.

You may wish to take advantage of the free space and complete four challenges. We think it would be more fun to complete as many challenges as you can!

The deadline to submit your BINGO card is Friday, August 5.

Upload the completed side of your BINGO card below to show the Teen SRC community your hard work.

Challenge Responses

this is the bingo card I finished it.

bingo card front page.


I have added pictures of my Bingo Card 


I have added pictures of my Bingo Card 

I have added my BINGO Card, but I can only add one page at a time. 

I really hope I win; thank you for the chance! 

I could only add one page so this is the second one. 

First Page

Second Page

Here is the front page of my bingo card. 

Here’s the back page

my bingo card